We are proud of our partners

We work with established IAM companies to fulfill all requirements of our customers in the best possible way.


Registration as a partner

The goal of our sales channel policy is the cooperation with mutual benefits. As distributors we consider companies that do market research, that convey the benefits of C-IAM products to their customers and take over consulting activities.

Become a Partner

Advantages for me as a partner

  • Development of new customer potentials
  • Sale of additional services
  • Expansion of the product portfolio
  • Fast implementation times
  • Additional customer loyalty with existing customers
  • Increase of technical expertise
  • Attractive discount model
  • Advertise your IAM events on our website
  • Increased competitiveness and differentiation from the competition
  • Sales and profit increase

What tasks do you fulfil as our partner?

  • Acquisition of new customers
  • Arrangement of new end customers to C-IAM GmbH for the conclusion of a contract of use or sale of subscription by the distribution partner to the end customer
  • You can also conclude your own consultancy agreements directly with the end customers and thus offer your own personnel and generate additional revenue
  • Recording of the actual state of the IT landscape at the end customer's premises
  • Installation of connectors at the end customer's premises
  • Design of processes with the customer
  • Coordination with C-IAM GmbH regarding market and customer requirements

What services exist in the individual partnerships?

C-IAM GmbH Basic Partner Logo
C-IAM GmbH Advanced Partner Logo
C-IAM GmbH Premium Partner Logo
Free demo version
Free trial access for end customers and partners
Presentation templates
Access to technical information
Training for sales staff
Training for technicians chargeable chargeable
Use of the C-IAM logo
Free, general marketing material
Individually adapted branding concepts
Free product supportt 5 days a year 10 days a year 20 days a year
Free presales support
Support with trade fair participation
Use of MY-CAMP2 in your own company List price 60% Discount on Subscription Free with Subscription

What do I have to do as a partner?

C-IAM GmbH Basic Partner Logo
C-IAM GmbH Advanced Partner Logo
C-IAM GmbH Premium Partner Logo
Number of sales representatives to be trained 1 2 2
Number of technicians to be trained 1 2 3
Create microside for linking to C-IAM page Voluntary Mandatory Mandatory
Immediate notification of new leads to avoid escalations