Our management team


Jamshed Kharkan


am convinced that we can offer many small, medium-sized and large companies a custom made IAM solution that was previously unthinkable. Always in the spotlight: the provable added value for your IT department.

Dr. Babak Ahmadi


Data plays an increasingly central role in all business areas today. The immense amount of information in the data helps us make informed decisions. But more important is the correct data protection compliant handling of sensitive company and customer data, which you can ensure with C-IAM.

Benjamin Bunkus

Sales / Key Account Manager

With MY-CAMP and MY-CAMP², C-IAM has exactly the right solution and gives you the opportunity to use ready-to-use software for your access and authorization management. Save the time of complicated access control of your employees and do not hesitate to contact me. I look forward to working with you to work on the solution!

Patrick Spengler


To be able to provide our customers with a stable and secure cloud solution, I develop, as a product manager, maintainable and testable software that runs well in an automated infrastructure. The great cooperation and common vision of our team makes us all work together!

Elina Malessa


The medium-sized companies benefit from our business! That's why I'm concerned that the public, as well as potential customers and partners will be kept informed and professional about our cloud solution. In addition, I am always looking for talents that would enrich our team.