MY-CAMP Identity Provider

Finally, C-IAM's cloud-based Identity and Access Management solution enables small and medium-sized companies to effectively implement costs with internal compliance while maximizing efficiency.

Integrated BPMN 2.0 engine

Compiling complicated business processes takes up 80% of the effort involved in integrating an IAM system. The solution: standardized software!

Individual IAM Systems

Most of today's IAM systems are business collaboration platforms that rely on the full participation of the department in access management. The implementation requires close collaboration between experienced employees on the part of the company and the developer. Every adaptation extends the project. The time and monetary investment is not finally predictable at the beginning of the project and is not sustainable for medium-sized companies.


  • Time-consuming programming
  • Expensive specialists
  • Codes can’t be maintained
  • Changes difficult
  • Difficult to test

MY-CAMP Meets BPMN 2.0

Through the graphical representation of workflows and business processes, these are also easily readable and plausible for non-IT users. The Business Process Model notation provides symbols that can be used to document and model processes. Whatyouseeiswhatyouget!


  • No elaborate programming required
  • Flexible depiction of individual processes
  • Automatic tests

MY-CAMP automatic processes

  • Entry into the company
  • Leaving the company
  • Transfer in the company
  • Automatic role assignment and role withdrawal

MY-CAMP weitere Funktionen

BPMN2.0 Engine for all your processes

MY-CAMP offers you the possibility to visualize your processes visually without any programming knowledge. You save time and money.