Access and law fully under control!

Your customers need access and rights to internal applications? For this, C-IAM offers the innovative ClientService, with which the identities of your customers can be recognized and the right access and rights can be assigned directly.

The identification, storage and provision of identities play an important role. At the same time, digital transformation and the management of identities have created completely new requirements. The implementation requires a clever approach: The C-IAM Client Service fulfills all the requirements that make the assignment of rights to customers, partners or interested parties simple and secure.

The C-IAM Client Service fulfills all prerequisites, which not only ensures the allocation of rights for customers, partners and interested parties, but makes it extremely easy.


Consulting for IAM and PAM use

Our consultants and partners support you accurately in the realization of your IAM solution. From the creation of the Proof of Concept (POC).

Project management in IAM and PAM area

Don’t leave your project results to chance. Especially at the start of the project there is the risk of making mistakes that can later only be corrected costly. We carry out the entire project management with you reliably and comprehensively. Thanks to years of experience, we handle even the trickiest cases.